Shiun Ikebana Container with Kubari
"Kubari" is the Japanese word for sticks used to create a division or grid in the interior of a vase or container. The sticks are used to support and anchor the flower and plant materials in an arrangement. In this image, the Kubari are being used to hold the material (Pussy Willow) upright in the center of the container.

In very traditional Ikebana arrangements, the Kubari is used alone. In the image below, you can see the Kubari is being used in combination with a Kenzan. This is not, however, typical.

Closeup of Y Kubari
In the image to the right, the Kubari is in the shape of the letter "Y" (called Y Kubari in America). Here it is being used to hold the floral materials in a straight line for a Shoka style arrangement.



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