Adding Woody Material to Your Ikebana Design

In the Japanese art of Ikebana, sticks, twigs, branches and roots are often used as "line material" in the design of an arrangement. I am continually fascinated by the way a simple twig, branch or root can change the entire character of a pot/vase/container. I've included some images below to demonstrate what I mean.  
As you can see in the three images above, the vase by itself provides the foundation, while the branch begins the process of creating line, movement and maybe a little drama. This is just the beginning of designing an arrangement.
In the urn shaped container above, two very different tree roots create two very different moods. Both accentuate the vertical nature of the container yet the first root is curvy, smooth, and rounded while the second root is jagged and sharper (almost like teeth or claws). Both roots make the container more dramatic to be sure; the curvy one adding a soft, peaceful quality, the sharp, pointy one creating a more energetic - almost aggressive quality. The roots add to the foundation (the vase) and you build from there. 
In these final two images, I wanted to show (using the smooth curvy root from above) how the same "line material" could be used on a different container. I love the added drama this curvy root creates when combined with this more traditional bowl shaped vase.

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